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Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘peace’.

Our goal is to have more Tupelo-area folks practicing yoga and spreading a little Shanti out there in the world.

“Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, or trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. -Unknown”

About Shanti Yoga

Our Founder

catherine crews

In September 2010, Catherine Crews founded Shanti Yoga Studio with a handful of students. With her beautifully flowing vinyasa classes, her nurturing encouragement of her students, and her infectious love of yoga, Catherine swelled the ranks of yogis and yoginis in the Tupelo area. Shanti Yoga Studio grew. In the fall of 2012, Catherine and her husband decided to leave Tupelo, moving up the road to Oxford, MS where Billy took a second career in public education, one of his passions. Catherine asked Kaye Cannon to take over Shanti Yoga Studio. Kaye has been the owner since January 2013. In early September 2013, while continuing to teach at Shanti Yoga, Catherine was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer: NUT-Midline Carcinoma. Few have survived more than a few months after receiving this diagnosis. Catherine underwent radical, invasive surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, and continued with chemotherapy and intense radiation treatments at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She has been on a difficult journey, but is now one of three survivors worldwide! Catherine has been lifted up and supported in love and prayer by so many people – many from the Shanti Yoga community that she founded.

Catherine is truly an inspiration to us all.  Her doctors tell her that early detection saved her life.  Besides all the love, prayers and support she received, Catherine credits years of yoga, meditation, and knowing her body, as the things that helped her survive the rigorous and difficult surgery and treatment, of this often-fatal cancer.  And now, Catherine is back! She is teaching with us at Shanti Yoga on a part-time basis.

Payment for Classes

At Shanti Yoga, a single class is $15.  To get a better deal, you may purchase of package of classes – $30 for 3 classes.  Class packages at Shanti Yoga do not expire.

For a better discount, you can sign up for AutoPay – a month of unlimited yoga for $80!   The $80 will be deducted from your bank account monthly, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing a new package after every three classes.

If you don’t like the idea of AutoPay, you may purchase a year of unlimited yoga classes for only $900.

Shanti Yoga offers two FREE classes per week:  taught by Patti Lamberth, HYT 200, SonSet Yoga at 5:45pm on Sundays and SonRise Yoga at 6:30am on Wednesdays, are suitable for all levels of yoga practioner, including begininers.

You may purchase classes via this website under the Schedule tab (go to sign up) or at the studio.  At the studio we accept cash, checks, and credit/debit cards. Please contact Kaye at 662-321-1285 if you have any questions.

A Note for Beginners

We thank you for choosing Shanti Yoga for your yoga practice. The following are few guidelines for our practice together:

First of all, do no harm.

Please tell your teacher about any health issues you may have so that she/he may guide you in your safest yoga practice. But, ultimately, you are responsible for your own body and we are each responsible for our own practice. If you are concerned about a pose because of, for example, an old knee injury or back issues, take it slowly… modify the pose. If she/he doesn’t show you during your first class, please go ahead and ask your teacher for advice about specific modifications for your particular situation.

Please pay attention to your body and your poses during your practice at Shanti Yoga – not your neighbor’s pose. Yoga is not a competition. Part of the beauty of yoga is being able to let go: simply listen to your teacher’s voice, follow his/her pose and instructions, limit your observations to the area within the four corners of your mat and breathe. Enjoy!

We encourage all of our students to bring their own mat (and use it for your home practice!) and use one of ours as a cushioning mat underneath. You may also use one of our mats as your top mat, but please clean it with the available spray cleaner when class is done.

Please hydrate well during the day prior to your yoga class. As soon as possible after class, please try to drink 16 oz. or more of water. Drinking plenty of water post-practice will aid in the flushing of toxins released by stretching and twisting. Before any single yoga practice, make sure that you’ve allowed 2-4 hours since your last meal. Water is allowed and encouraged during your practice at Shanti Yoga – but please, no food, drinks, or gum on the studio floor.

Please be on time. We encourage you to come at least 10 minutes before class starts and begin stretching or simply relaxing and slowing your breathing in preparation for class.

Please silence your cell phone or leave it in your car before you come into the studio.

Yoga classes are available for children 13 years old and over and adults of any age. Children 12 years old and under and are not permitted in class or in the studio space during class.

Your teacher may be closing your practice with words to meditate on or even a brief prayer. She/he will always close practice by saying to you “Namaste”. Namaste is traditionally said with prayer (Anjali Mudra) hands. The gesture of Anjali hands with a slight bow of the head, with or without saying the word Namaste, means limy soul acknowledges your soul”.

Again, thank you for joining us at Shanti Yoga! We look forward to practicing together!




Kaye's love of yoga shines brightly.

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Anita B, Tupelo
Every aspect of life has completely changed.

"Shanti Yoga has been a life saver for me. After one class, I was completely hooked. All of the instructors are genuinely sincere people who have a love for yoga. Their classes are phenomenal and have something different to offer. I love that I fe...

Brianna J, Tupelo

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